LIFT Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp for Apple Watch

08.24.16 | By
LIFT Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp for Apple Watch

There’s no lack of rumors, speculations, and hopes buzzing right now about Apple’s expected follow-up to their 1st generation smart timepiece, the Apple Watch. Cellular functionality, new case design, integrated GPS and barometer, and improved waterproofing are all high on the wish list. What’s definitely not on the list of expected future features from Apple: a fully levitating storage and charging station.

The LIFT Anti Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger and Lamp from Levitation Works was supposedly inspired by Tesla’s original concept of transferring electrical power through the air, a proprietary induction system that permits short distance charging between an aluminum and ceramic base and a floating watch holder. The system is also designed to work with the Orb, a small LED mood light, engineered as levitating illumination. All in all, it’s wholly unnecessary, but a cool conversation piece that takes wireless charging one step further away from cable clutter.




The LIFT and Orb levitating system is currently available for pre-order for $159 over at Kickstarter.

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