Lightscape Candle Light by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

09.10.20 | By
Lightscape Candle Light by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Lightscape is a minimal candle holder created by Brooklyn-based designers Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. The limited edition run of candle holders is an invitation to be a part of their design and exploration process. The studio has spent the past six years examining the concept of light, and how the qualities of natural and artificial light play with their surroundings.

Lightscape was developed as part of a long-term study of natural light as visual poetry. Inspired by the principles of Moholy-Nagy’s “Light Modulators,” the studio combined the forms of both perforated and polished metal shapes to house the candle.

In doing so, the assembly’s surfaces reflect, refract and obscure the playful nature of flickering candlelight, creating a display of highlights and shadows. Each sale of the candleholder will see 50% of its proceeds donated to Soul Fire Farm, a BIPOC-centered community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system.

The Lightscape Candle Light is available at For more lighting options, visit the Design Milk Shop!

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