Lindal Designs a Better A-Frame for Today’s Modern Lifestyles

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Lindal Designs a Better A-Frame for Today’s Modern Lifestyles

A-frame homes have been around for longer than you may know – Lindal Cedar Homes entered the market in 1945. Beginning in the 1950s and running through the 1970s, the structures were in high demand as vacation homes boomed. Easy-to-build and affordable, Lindal’s compact A-frame material package had the advantage of being able to be delivered to remote locations. At the time, the kit of materials and assembly instructions cost a whopping US $3,345!

A-frame building on the side of a large hill against a blue sky

Alpha 5

As you’ve likely noticed, there’s been a resurgence of interest in A-frame architecture throughout the past few years. Design-conscious individuals who are looking for a getaway or small primary residence are drawn to the strong architectural statement these special structures can add to the landscape.

Here’s where Lindal’s modern A-frame design comes into play. Traditional A-frames anchor the roof to the ground, creating areas of unusable space with insufficient headroom. Lindal worked with architectural designer Aris Georges, of OM Studio Design, to create five Alpha designs that make better use of each structure’s footprint.

interior living space with sofa and ottoman

Alpha 7

The Alpha is built on a raised foundation that partially exposes the iconic triangular framing of the exterior. This unique design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – it protects the frame from the ground, allows additional light to come in through inverted clerestory windows located under the roof, and creates more usable space in the interior. A system-built grid and modular approach allows the owner to extend their A-frame lengthwise by adding frames to the base model, while the width remains the same.

A-frame in front of a sunset

Alpha 4 \\\ Photo: Lindal Cedar Homes

The Alpha 4 base model is a small home consisting of four frames, you enter through a foyer with immediate access to the bedroom and bathroom. Along the opposite wall, low-headroom areas are put to work holding built-in storage. From there, the floorplan flows into the kitchen and living room, where a wall of glass puts the view on full display and sliding doors open to an optional deck. Low windows allow light to penetrate deep into the space from the sides and provide additional views to the outdoors, while also retaining the integrity of the triangular form.

three A-frames in front of a sunset

L to R: Alpha 7, Alpha 5 + Alpha 4

The Alpha A-frame is available in five sizes, ranging from 670 to 1723 sq ft, with the Alpha 7 and 7+ being the largest models. All designs with loft areas include a spiral staircase up to the second level. The larger models are entered through a notched area in the center, dividing the space into shared and private areas while bringing light from the center of the structure into both sides. Large enough to accommodate a family, the Alpha 7 and 7+ are the best choice for a primary residence. Whichever Alpha A-frame you choose, you can rest easy – every home built comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

Pick up a copy of the Alpha House Plan Booklet or attend a webinar on the Alpha A-frame to become more acquainted with the possibilities. To learn more about building an Alpha A-frame on your property, contact your local independent Lindal representative for support and guidance throughout the process or visit

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