Innovative + Carbon Neutral: FENIX Materials for Interior Design Are Rising

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Innovative + Carbon Neutral: FENIX Materials for Interior Design Are Rising

If you want to stay ahead of the fast-moving current of innovation, you always need to be looking ahead to what’s next. FENIX® Innovative Materials for interior design have been on the inside track since the product was first introduced in 2013 by Arpa Industriale. With low light reflectivity, FENIX surfaces are extremely opaque, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint, a solution that’s ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications. It’s extremely versatile and suitable for just about every environment: kitchens, bathrooms, design furniture, retail, offices, and commercial settings.

A bathroom countertop with a white sink, black faucet, a green soap dispenser, and a green container holding toothbrushes, set against a wooden backsplash.

Try FENIX® paired with wood for a modern bathroom. Pictured is J0032 Bianco Kos. \\\ Photo: Ripcord Content Studios and Ryan Dyer

Developed by an international multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers, FENIX’s proprietary technologies provide a unique aesthetic and haptic appeal to a surface characterized by next-generation acrylic resins. Made of more than 60% paper and 30-40% thermosetting resin, the material is pressed using heat and pressure to create a homogeneous, non-porous product. The outer surface is then hardened and fixed using an Electron Beam Curing process. View FENIX under a microscope, and you’ll see it resembles a landscape of peaks and valleys, which is what makes light waves reflect in different directions when they hit the surface. This structure is also what gives it a matte finish.

A dark red table with two grey chairs. On the table, there is a closed black leather notebook and a black pen.

FENIX Materials can be used both for home and commercial interiors, like this conference room table. Pictured is J0750 Rosso Jaipur. \\\ Photo: Ripcord Content Studios and Ryan Dyer

FENIX was a breakthrough, but its make-up is only part of the larger story. As of December 1, 2022, the interior design material achieved carbon neutrality as part of Arpa Industriale’s long-term sustainability policy. By replacing the most impactful parts of the products and processes used, they made FENIX more efficient without sacrificing durability or composition. Ten years prior to becoming carbon neutral, Arpa Industriale began to reduce their water footprint and primary energy demand as well.

Modern bathroom with white vanity, large mirror with wooden frame, potted plant, and black fixtures. White towel on counter; black and white tiles on floor and wall; illuminated by overhead lights.

FENIX is a perfect choice for both countertops and cabinets. Pictured here, J0032 Bianco Kos. \\\ Photo: Ripcord Content Studios and Ryan Dyer

All carbon emissions released into the atmosphere during FENIX’s lifecycle have been measured and quantified, from extraction to transport to production and, finally, disposal. FENIX contributes to the reduction of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere through carbon offsetting projects at waste-to-energy facilities, where methane gas released from landfills is used to generate electricity.

A wooden fruit bowl containing bananas, an apple, and an orange sits on a white countertop next to two wooden bar stools.

FENIX Materials can be used both in residential and commercial spaces. Pictured here is J0029 Bianco Male. \\\ Photo: Ripcord Content Studio and Ryan Dyer

Amy Gath, VP of Marketing Strategy at Formica Group North America, emphasizes that for their company, sustainability transcends mere corporate social responsibility. It’s a fundamental element ingrained in their core business approach. “Sustainability is a vital consideration in the innovation and product development cycles for our surfacing materials. Our company firmly believes that reducing the environmental impact is not only an ethical imperative but also a critical factor in ensuring our brands’ longevity and continuity.

Modern bathroom with a large mirror, a light green vanity with metal handles, a white countertop with folded towels and toiletries, and a wall-mounted light fixture with round glass shades.

FENIX Materials has a full range of colors to suit any preference. Pictured is J0794 Verde Kitami. \\\ Photo: Ripcord Content Studios and Christopher Dibble

Over time, FENIX has grown and evolved into a system that provides further innovative materials and solutions designed for furnishings and interior fittings. In May 2017, Arpa Industriale introduced FENIX NTA, an empowered metal surface with FENIX’s features. Another product, X-KIN®, extends the system further to interior walls with an application similar to hanging wallpaper.

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