Look Both Ways by Debbie Millman


I just finished reading Look Both Ways by Debbie Millman cover to cover and I must say it was a delightful read. The book is a beautiful collection of designed essays about her passion for graphic design, art, love, brands, music, life, and Levi’s.


As partner and president of the design division of Sterling Brands, president of AIGA, host of radio show Design Matters, and design blogger for, Millman brings to life the process by which artists creates real impacts on our lives.



In Look Both Ways, she writes with humor and insight on both her personal relationship with objects and creativity throughout her life. Rather than simply let her words speak for themselves, Millman intended the book to have a powerful visual impact. Every essay is crafted in such a way that the ideas at the heart of it come across at first glance.

I was fortunate enough to take part in a workshop she held a few weeks ago at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. It was a delight working with her in person. She even signed my book! Woohoo. She will be showing the original pieces that make up her book in an exhibit at the Academy of Art sometime in late winter. I’ll post a reminder later on.