Loop Installation by COS x Snarkitecture

Loop is an installation located at the Gana Art Center in Seoul, South Korea, created in collaboration between COS and Snarkitecture. The installation features four distinct metal tracks that intertwine throughout the white exhibition space. 100,000 marbles introduced one at a time per every five seconds brings the installation to life.

The marbles are formed in white glass, and proceed along 400 meters of track that is constructed in a light blue powder-coated aluminum. Co-founder of Snarkitecture Daniel Arsham states, “Our intention was to create a contemplative environment with Loop – a space that was not immediately understood upon entering. While we wanted the design to be playful, we were mindful of creating a work that provided an escape. It was important to offer a setting and feeling that were completely new and inspiring to visitors.”

The COS x Snarkitecture installation is open between 10am-7pm every day at the Gana Art Center, located in the Pyeongchang-dong area of the city, known for its arts and culture. The exhibition centre was designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte and is surrounded by the Bugak mountains.

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