Louise Liljencrantz Unveils New Design Brand Veermakers

02.11.21 | By
Louise Liljencrantz Unveils New Design Brand Veermakers

Veermakers is a minimal design brand created by Stockholm-based Louise Liljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam, presented at Grand Relations’ studio. The collaboration between Liljencrantz and KFK Cabinet-Makers began in 2017, and they have been creating limited edition furniture since. Their focus will remain on sustainability and the production of unique furniture, lighting, and other objects.

During Stockholm Design Week 2021, the brand will be presenting its first collection being shown at Grand Relations in downtown Stockholm. The goal of the brand is to create the same quality of craftsmanship as in their earlier work, but with a less complex production process. The result will be pieces more accessible and affordable.

As described by Liljencrantz, “A lot of what we see on the market today bears testimony to a compromise in both design and quality. With Veermakers, we want craftsmanship to be in the spotlight and create products that are the complete opposite to mass production and rapid consumerism.”

Founders of Veermakers – Louise LIljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam

Photos by Erik Lefvander.

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