Low Profile T Chair by Natalia Coll

T Chair is a minimalist design created by New York-based designer Natalia Coll. She originally grew up in Barcelona where she studied two years of multidisciplinary design and two years of specialized design in order to become more versatile in her field. Her view on design is as much solution-based as it is aesthetic-based. She believes that design is not just a way of solving problems and needs, but a way to create bonds between the object and the user—an emotional expression.


The T Chair was highly influenced by Asian culture, in which many common activities, such as eating and tea ceremonies, are performed in a kneeling position. As a result, Coll decided to develop a low-seat chair that allows the user to comfortably sit kneeling down. The seat is inclined at a 15 degree angle in order to maximize the user’s comfort, and reduce the amount of adjusting in the hip.

I have participated in a Japanese Tea Ceremony first-hand, and I have to admit, staying in the kneeling position was far more painful and difficult than I had expected. The professor in charge of the ceremony mentioned that sitting in the kneeled position actually requires strenuous practice and stretching before it becomes tolerable. With that said, the T Chair would be a great crutch to ease users into the full kneeling position.



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