Masquespacio Creates a Modern Installation Celebrating Terracotta

05.03.19 | By
Masquespacio Creates a Modern Installation Celebrating Terracotta

When terracotta comes to mind, most people immediately think of those traditional flower pots that can be purchased at just about any nursery or big box store. And while most often they land on a patio, terrace, or deck, Masquespacio proves that the humble material can earn its own spot inside the home by rethinking how it’s used. During this year’s Milan Design Week, renowned Italian terracotta manufacturer Poggi Ugo invited the Spanish design studio to help them celebrate their 100th anniversary. The studio landed in town with a site-specific installation, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, that explored fresh new ways to work with the natural material. “Land” (“Terra” in Italian) displayed 17 new works that prove terracotta can be used just as easily in contemporary design.

From Masquespacio:

We entered a timeship and traveled to 2 different ages. First we went to the Fifties from Brasil, La Habana and California to get inspired by Tropicalism and afterwards we took the same timeship to the Italy from the Seventies with its Post Modernism.

Photography: Mattia Iotti

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