Microsoft Leads With Design + Technology to Celebrate Pride Through Radical Joy

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Microsoft Leads With Design + Technology to Celebrate Pride Through Radical Joy

In the face of adversity, the ability to move forward and spark change within the LGBTQIA+ community is something to celebrate. Microsoft is no stranger to advocating for LGBTQIA+ people; they’ve been doing it since 1989, when they added sexual orientation to their non-discrimination policies. The brand has been a strong ally and advocate ever since. This Pride, Microsoft shares their commitments, releases new products, and strives to make meaningful contributions to the LGBTQIA+ movement globally. Some of the brand’s LGBTQIA+ members are also sharing their stories, encouraging everyone to create more equality worldwide.

A collage of four people with colorful backgrounds: - Truth over Tradition - Choosing what Family can be - Reading more Queer books! - Proudly Religious and Queer Each individual expresses what brings them joy.

The 2024 Pride campaign is an ode to “Radical Joy,” the kind that radiates and inspires. The joy that is within us, when expressed, can help create change for all and inspire others to do the same. Radical Joy is an anthem for those who thrive against all odds and an invitation for everyone to step up for LGBTQIA+ rights globally.

A vibrant, abstract image features a colorful, swirling pattern in the center and an array of various flags representing different identities arranged in a grid around the border.

Microsoft is driving attention to intersectionality and unity by featuring various LGBTQIA+ flags in their Pride designs. These represent different sexual and romantic orientations and gender identities through vibrant abstract shapes that nod to the joy and power within LGBTQIA+ communities.

Colorful graphic design showcasing various elements including typography, abstract shapes, and vibrant illustrations, with the text "RADICAL PRIDE" and "2024" prominently displayed.

Pride can’t be owned by a corporation. For the third year in a row, Microsoft is open-sourcing the entirety of their campaign designs on Figma and GitHub. They’re inviting everyone to use, remix, and re-make these graphics to further spread Radical Joy and Pride around the world. This year’s release features over 20 new flags in 33 languages.

Microsoft is also introducing Pride themes that are all here to stay year-round in Outlook and Microsoft 365 apps, new themes in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams backgrounds, Windows wallpapers, and an Xbox Pride controller, among others. And for the first time, Pride is available in Microsoft’s AI-powered tools, like Microsoft Designer and Clipchamp, so you can share your support further with stickers, presentations, videos, and more.

Person holding a flag with a vibrant, geometric pattern against a clear blue sky and bright sun.

Explore radical joy and read all about Microsoft’s Pride efforts here at

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