Cut Through the Noise With Our 2024 NeoCon Editors’ Picks

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Cut Through the Noise With Our 2024 NeoCon Editors’ Picks

Chicago’s Merchandise Mart was teeming with visitors for the 55th annual NeoCon commercial interior design showcase. Nearly one million square feet of exhibition space echoed concepts concerning historical reference, sustainability, sound mitigation, and multifunctional furnishings – not to mention our very own activation where designers discussed tech. But with more than 400 companies and industry partners participating, parsing the vendor list can be daunting for those who want a look back on the action. Don’t fret. Design Milk is here to help you cut through the noise with our 2024 shortlist of editors’ picks broken down by category with selections from the Managing Editor, Joseph Sgambati III, and the Director of Branded Content, Kelly Beall.

A modern dining table with a wooden top and a set of cushioned chairs featuring ribbed bases, showcased at NeoCon in the Andreu World showroom.

Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World \\\ Bolete Chairs + Dining Table

NeoCon marks the expansion of Andreu World’s Bolete concept designed by the prolific Patricia Urquiola, which will soon include dining chairs as well as a cafe and conference table. Upholstery appears almost tucked into the seating’s sculptural base as gathered edges from the cushions meet an undulating, fluted base. That same structural element is reimagined as legs for each elegant tabletop surface.

A modern stool featuring a light wooden base, a black middle section, and a cushioned seat is elegantly placed on a brown floor in front of a sofa.

DARRAN \\\ Teo Seating

Playful yet orderly, whimsical yet structured. DARRAN’s Teo Seating makes for a modern totem through its use of stacked geometric shapes as well complementary hues, which comprise curated, customizable paint and upholstery options. It’s also extremely versatile – use it as a side table, stool, or sculptural room accent all on its own.

A display of modern chairs is set against a green wall with the words "KUBI HBF" prominently displayed above them, reminiscent of the stylish showcases at NeoCon. The chairs feature geometric designs and various fabric colors.

HBF \\\ KUBI Collection

Designed by the inimitable Barbara Barry, this chair translates her personal creative pillars of simplicity and harmony into the ideal contemporary silhouette. With an intimate feeling of calm, KUBI’s seven soon-to-be-released modular pieces will beckon you to stay a little longer as you sit in style.

Keilhauer \\\ Abl, Swish, Toob + Dais

This seating foursome is Keilhauer’s most fabulous yet tapping talented collaborators like EOOS to create Abl, Switch, and Toob, as well as Form Us With Love to design Dais. Did we mention they’re all carbon neutral? Each one delivers on a different promise of distinct personality with the potential to be anchors for green building projects of the future. And if we HAD to choose… Dais might just be our favorite!

Two colorful, vertically-stacked installations made of cylindrical and round, cushion-like shapes. The left stack has pastel colors while the right stack boasts brighter hues.

Slalom Acoustic & Partition Systems \\\ IDOL

In an inventive use of material, Slalom imbues the traditional totem with acoustic properties to create IDOL. The artifact is made up of three sound-absorbing sculptural elements that push the boundaries of what this type of decor can accomplish. Primitive in shape, the individual elements jive harmoniously with one another while generating a gravitational force pulling in viewers – or shall we say listeners – for further inspection.

A spacious, beige sectional couch with a curved design next to a photo of an armchair with orange zipper accents.

Hightower \\\ Toward Modular Sofa + Flote Lounge Chair

Hightower has a knack for contextualizing their furniture while creating playful narratives and considerate designs that perform well outside the showroom. The entirety of Toward’s system comprises 17 distinct modules, 3 types of tables, optional tetherable armrests that can double as a work surface when flipped over, and accommodations for power. When assembled, the silhouette is reminiscent of musical notes gliding along their bars. Meanwhile, the Flote Lounge Chair’s unique tapered armrests not only feel like an embrace, they also serve to provide those slightly less mobile a sturdy place to push off from to assist with getting up and off of the seat.

A cushioned chair with a black frame and light brown woven sides is displayed in front of a distinctive backdrop. Another similar chair and round table are partially visible.

BuzziSpace \\\ BuzziCane

Rattan is making a comeback in this contemporized application from acoustic solutions company BuzziSpace. Aptly named BuzziCane, this furniture line makes a sweeping retro design gesture, reintroducing a material many think of as “dated” and often relegated to cottage-core moodboards. Contrasting upholstery articulate the frame even more so. We dig it. Do you?

Three gradient-colored glass tables with dark round seats are displayed on a marble floor. Colors transition from blue to transparent on the left, orange to clear in the center, and purple to clear on the right.

Bernhardt Design \\\ Ice Table

Daniel Germani’s masterful use of gradation creates stunning illusions while connecting the tables’ cast glass tops with their hand-blown glass bases. Each table is one-of-a-kind with unique color variations sure to pull focus from anywhere in the room. Catching sunlight at just the right angle activates the rippling light effects as it passes through the object.

Two modern, wavy light fixtures hang from the ceiling against a dark, textured backdrop.

Luxxbox \\\ Kurtain Acoustic Pendant

Upon first glance at its stillness, Kurtain appears to be rigid, starched in place with a scalloped geometry. Much to our surprise, it hangs freely, activated with gentle motion from passersby creating a kinetic sculpture as it absorbs sound with every sway. Available in three sizes and 77 premium wool covers, there are plenty of ways to personalize tranquility.

A modern, light wood armchair with a padded backrest and seat, accompanied by a matching ottoman. Both pieces are upholstered in brown and beige fabrics.

Paul Crofts for Isomi \\\ Moodlight Chair

Who knew seating could be activated to improve wellness beyond ergonomics of material composition. Paul Crofts’ Moodlight Chair design for Isomi features a seamless curved birch plywood shell and a natural wool upholstered backrest – and integrated therapy lights in the front corners. These adjustable luminaires aim to improve energy levels, sleep patterns, and mood, Work, rest, and reflect, all in one multifunctional home furnishing.

A variety of sustainable fabric swatches in muted, textured colors are laid out in an overlapping arrangement.

Pallas Textiles \\\ In Good Company Textile Collection

Art and weaving, alongside technology and craftsmanship, work together brilliantly in the brand’s newest sustainable family. Featuring SEAQUAL® YARN made from upcycled marine plastic, In Good Company champions environmental stewardship and innovative design via a slew of versatile patterns and colors.