Modern Pet Gear from Hugs Pet Products

The following post is brought to you by Hugs Pet Products. We?re very paw-ticular about our partners and only feature those we think are top dog.

I love the story behind Hugs Pet Products‘ name: owners Katie and Chad Brewer wanted to celebrate the boundless love and lifetime of excited greetings (and puppy hugs) they received from their pets by giving back in the form of innovative pet products. Katie and Chad believe that “at the heart of every hug is love,” which is how they approach the design and manufacturing of their modern pet gear!

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Modern Pet Gear from Hugs Pet Products
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Their passion for pets shows in their original product designs (which they also manufacture and distribute). I mean, hello, how awesome is that apple-shaped, tooth-scrubbing chew toy? To show just how much they love all furry companions, they’re offering your pooch 25% off everything in their shop now through September 10th. Simply enter the discount code HUGS25 at checkout.

We couldn’t resist rounding up a few of our favorite Hugs products, of course! 1: Potty Paws 2: Chew Core 3: Hydro Bone 4: Tee Bone 5: Better Tether 6: Silicone Dog Treat Pan 7: Gel Pet Mat

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