Morpholio Board App Launches New Color Swatch Tool

The Morpholio Board app has been around for years and they continue adding more features that still make it one of the best apps for interior designers. Whether you’re a design professional or design enthusiast, the app allows users to easily create all kinds of mood boards that bring all of your design ideas into one place.

Morpholio combines a robust library of top furniture and product brands with innovative tools that allow creatives to develop their designs on mood boards for personal use or client presentations. Never ones to rest on their laurels, the Morpholio team just rolled out their latest feature that will make it even easier to work with color, and elevate your design boards to a more beautiful level.

The Swatch Maker is a tool that lets you make editable swatches with accurate RGB, CMYK and Hex color data. Pull favorite colors from digital samples of furniture and finishes, create color palettes from inspirational images, and build a collection of all of your favorite go-to hues in one spot.

To mark the Swatch Maker launch, Morpholio enlisted 10 designers and artists to explore the new feature and share some of their favorite palettes, color inspiration, and ideas on how they use color in their world, and we’re sharing a few here. Even our very own Jaime Derringer jumped in on the action and created a board.

Jaime Derringer of Design Milk
California, USA

“While the Design Milk brand has traditionally been black and white (and sometimes shades of gray!), we LOVE color! Modern design is all about taking risks and being bold. From Bauhaus to mid-century to Memphis, the infusion of color in design is a sure way to catch the eye.

“Our Summer vibe is Bright + BOLD! I’m thinking about bright beach umbrellas, colorful floral explosions, graphic patterns, fireworks—anything vibrant and fresh to bring more happy into your home. I’ve selected some Bright + Bold items from the Design Milk Shop to serve as an inspiring color palette that will make your place pop!”

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Portrait: Mumbi Muturi

Achuli Design
Nairobi, Kenya
“We are very much inspired by the colors of the Kenyan coast. We spend a lot of time along the entire coast taking it all in, such as the blue of the Indian Ocean, the warm colors of the island of Lamu, and the burst of green in the beautiful small coastal town of Watamu. And we love ALL pastels.”

Ana Hernandez of Masquespacio
Valencia, Spain
“At Bun Turin, the idea to play with one color for each window creates a visual effect from the outside that makes the spectator from the exterior walk from one visual world into the other, traveling through different experiences in the same space.

“The already iconic green color from Bun is the one that takes you immediately to the order bar, while the pink and blue colors take you to two seating spaces that differ completely from each other. In the pink space you can see how next to a sharing table, an arcade that continues the arc concept is set-up to give the diners the possibility to sit at different levels. The blue zone on the other hand adds a touch of fun and gives the visitors the chance to enjoy the delicious Bun burgers in a space that simulates a huge swimming pool.”

Portrait: Nic Kane

Amelia Ayerst of DUOHUE
Bristol, UK
“My first collection for DUOHUE was very much influenced by my travels around India — I visited just before the first national lockdown. I was inspired by the country’s vast array of color and movement, and I wanted to create designs that would reflect the excitement of color when applied to home and lifestyle products. Victor Vasarely’s series book was also a great inspiration and motivation for my work during lockdown when I couldn’t go out and see the world! Color, movement and how people interact is something that I have always been drawn to.

“My work is based around layering different stitches to create color shifts when the product moves, so I have to experiment and understand how colors react with each other. When I first started my business I stuck to two darker base colors which I then play around with to create illusions, stitches and patterns.”

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Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.