MQuan Sconce by Michele Quan for Allied Maker

MQuan Sconce is a minimalist light created by Brooklyn-based designer Michele Quan for Allied Maker. Quan is known for her work in designing and sculpting handmade ceramic art & objects for the home and garden. Many of her objects and images are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography.

The collaboration utilizes Allied Maker’s bespoke hardware blended with Quan’s handcrafted ceramic detailing. The series features hand-painted stoneware backplates in her studio’s signature style. Quan is particularly fascinated with inspiration gathered from the moon and stars, which is reflected within this collection.

The collection currently consists of three variations: Firefly, Rings, and Black & White. ‘Firefly’ has the appearance of rays emitting from the sun, in this case from the light source itself. ‘Rings’ uses the curvature of the backplate to form a rainbow around the sconce. ‘Black & White’, as the title suggests, is left blank on one side, and filled on the other.

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