Myro Deodorant by Visibility

Myro Deodorant is a minimal deodorant design by New York-based studio Visibility, and creative direction by Deerfield. The design centers on a permanent piece of hardware that the user keeps, and recyclable refill pods that plug into it, which use 50% less plastic than typical drugstore deodorant.

The designers were conscious in addressing both the health concerns and the ecological impact concerns that surround the plastic injection molding industry. Visibility wanted to create a product that would not only be easy to use, but be fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The pods slip in, are used with the familiar turning of a dial and, when empty, pop out automatically. The multifaceted shape of the hardware is designed for easy turning and a tactile experience; of course, it also prevents the deodorant from rolling away when it’s on its side.

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