Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Terrazzo Edition

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Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Terrazzo Edition
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Terrazzo’s reemergence in popularity amongst designers and architects has been an exigent trend the last few years, with the graphical aggregate appearing as a fashionable mainstream aesthetic seemingly everywhere. The latest Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Terrazzo Edition indicates the trend continues to move forward in permeating categories Ettore Sottsass would have never imagined.

What began as an affordable composite alternative to marble flooring in Venetian houses more than 500 years ago has amusingly reemerged as the trendy aesthetic of contemporary design and fashion – again – the hallmark speckled chips of color riding alongside wave after wave of designs referencing the colorful past work of the Memphis Group. Today, it’s instantly recognizable random patterning has become synonymous with youthful design, spotted gracing a wide diversity of objects, ranging from lunchboxes, t-shirts, drinkware, chocolates, and now also wireless charging accessories.

Instead of using a cement-based terrazzo, tech+design accessories maker Native Union utilize the composite material, Jermonite, a lighter alternative with safer environmental thresholds, but still capable of reproducing the terrazzo style. The resulting design brings a pleasing splash of color where other tech accessory manufacturers only offer planes of the plain.

The Dock Wireless Charger Terrazzo Edition works with any Qi-compatible device, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, Galaxy S9/Samsung Galaxy Note9, and the Google Pixel 3/3XL at up to 10W. Because of the nature of the manufacturing process, each charger is handmade with a distinctly unique pattern, reflected in its $150 price tag.

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