Nendo and WonderGlass’ Melt Collection on Display in the Shape of Gravity

04.18.19 | By
Nendo and WonderGlass’ Melt Collection on Display in the Shape of Gravity

Shape of Gravity is an exhibition consisting of cast glass furniture designed by nendo in collaboration with WonderGlass during Fuori Salone 2019. The exhibition features Melt, a cast glass furniture and table top collection, and including the launch of a new gravity formed cast glass chandelier, the family of products is complete.

The design features sparkling glass that seemingly floats in the air when lit, creating a shimmering effect with light bouncing from one piece to the next, providing gentle illumination that details the rippling texture. The creation of Melt was complex, with Oki Sato studying the craftspeople in WonderGlass’ workshops.

The final process included laying hot glass sheets over steel shapes that were suspended in order for the natural drape of the material to reveal its form. WonderGlass’ founders Maruizio and Christian Mussati stated, “The new chandelier making its debut in Milan as part of Shape of Gravity is a piece we are extremely proud of. The prodigious work suspended in the air like a cloud generates an enchanting shimmering effect when under natural daylight and LED lighting.

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