New Kid-Friendly Textiles from DittoHouse

We first discovered the fun, playful textiles of DittoHouse a few months ago in our Five Favorites and were instantly smitten with her bright colors, graphic patterns, and play on pop culture.

DittoHouse 13

Emote Throw Blanket  - DittoHouse

Each blanket and pillow cover is like a modern work of art. Not only are they made with recycled cotton, they’re also all made in small, family-owned textile mills in the US. As the company puts it, “it is important that while we enhance our happy house, we don’t hurt our happy earth.” Each piece emphasizes creating a warm, happy home that creates a vibrant connection.

DittoHouse 5

Sunshine Baby pillow cover


DittoHouse_Beautiful Dreamer_Pillow

Ice Bear Throw blanket 3 - DittoHouse


Squawk! Throw Blanket 2 - DittoHouse

DittoHouse 17

DittoHouse 16

DittoHouse 6

Block Party Throw Blanket 2- DittoHouse

Blessed Baby Pillow Cover 2 - DittoHouse

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