Nikolas Bentel’s Loopy Chair Will Bend Your Mind

Nikolas Bentel’s career revolves around reimagining everyday objects, like his Moon Chalk and Scrap Stool collection to name a few. The New York-based designer’s latest creation is the Loopy Chair, a bright yellow piece of furniture made using the same manufacturing process as a bike rack. Made with a single band of tubular steel measuring three inches in diameter, that’s curved with a hydraulic tube bender. Bentel was limited by the kind of bend radiuses that a bike rack typically has: 9 inches and 18 inches, making the design all the more interesting. By repurposing an existing manufacturing process, the Loopy Chair doesn’t call for the construction of extra machinery, taking on a form of sustainability. The Loopy Chair has been released as a limited edition of ten. An optional leather sling seat adds even more comfort.

woman sitting in sculptural chair in living space

There is untapped potential in manufacturing processes everywhere. The goal is to one day apply this design method to create other usable objects.

– Nikolas Bentel, Designer

Bentel will be launching a series of 12 projects between June and October, roughly one every two to three weeks. Beginning with the Loopy Chair, the new releases will run the gamut from home goods to clothing, with Bentel reimagining each using his creative prowess.

sculptural chair on sidewalk

man sitting in sculptural chair in living space outdoors

man carrying sculptural chair

sculptural chair sitting on sidewalk

sculptural chair in living space

sculptural chair in living space

Nikolas Bentel

Nikolas Bentel

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