Olivier_Nelson Residence by _naturehumaine
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Olivier_Nelson Residence is a minimalist duplex located in Montreal, Canada, designed by _naturehumaine. The interior is characterized by a central wooden core in which the various programs organized around this space are placed strategically to allow maximum light to filter throughout.

While the central stairwell defines the overall circulation for the ground floor, on the upper level, the staircase creates a buffer separating the office from the bedrooms. The architects wanted to utilize a minimalist approach to the interior’s materiality, focusing on monochrome colors with textured gray ceramic and terracotta tile.

The designers enhance the depth the rear facade by incorporating balconies and a roof projection. As described by the architects, “A generous glass wall punctuates the composition of this facade by offering natural light to the main bedroom while framing a view onto a majestic maple in the yard.”

Photography by Raphaël Thibodeau.

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