The Organic Sound of Grovemade and Joey Roth Wood Speakers

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The Organic Sound of Grovemade and Joey Roth Wood Speakers

The Grovemade Wood Speakers are weird, not because their design is wholly unrecognizable, but rather because the shape evokes confusing and disparate sources of imagined inspiration. Made from single pieces of walnut or maple wood, these desktop speakers conjure two completely different creative minds: H.R. Giger and Frank Lloyd Wright.


Once you see it, it’s hard not to see the back of Xenomorph’s head within the interior cavity of Grovemade’s speaker. There’s probably no other speaker you can say that about.

Portland based company Grovemade tapped local designer, Joey Roth, for the uniquely machined design. Roth, a longtime favorite here at Design Milk is known for his unique combinations of materials fashioned into audio components. Most every design aficionado is acquainted with his ceramic speakers, and he’s since followed up with a sculptural steel-encased speaker tower. It should go without saying, Roth has a penchant for exploring audio component industrial design with a deeper appreciation for the senses beyond sound. With this latest endeavor he’s worked American Black Walnut or Eastern Hardrock Maple with stainless steel, leather, and a natural cork base into functional sculpture.


The Grovemade Walnut Speakers horn design in section view evokes visions of the marine mollusc, the nautilus. But all the intricate carvings within the chamber serve a purpose, eliminating parallel walls and flat surfaces for sound devoid of acoustic distortion. The partnership between designer and company is an ideal match, thanks to Grovemade’s expertise with computer-controlled cutting machines and Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software to turn concept into reality.

Roth notes, “Usually when I do my audio simulations I have to compromise to make it buildable. But working with the Grovemade guys, the simulations became the final geometry.”



The 8.75″ tall speakers weigh just 1.75 lbs, the pair accompanied by a 2 x 25W amplifier operating at 8 Ohms to drive the 2″ Fountek FR58EX drivers. 18 gauge custom speaker wire with banana plugs connects everything together, while a pair of RCA inputs makes the system compatible with most every audio device, all controlled by a beautiful machined dial for full tactile satisfaction while turning up the tunes.



Grovemade is selling the maple edition for $499, the walnut version with a $100 premium at $599. Both are available today at

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