P.A.C.O. by Digital Habit(s)

P.A.C.O. is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Digital Habit(s). P.A.C.O. is a bluetooth speaker with gestural controls. The loudspeaker is manufactured in concrete and Fir Harmonic Board, and the materials directly affect the quality of the sound – the concrete allows for a deeper bass while the wood gives warmth to the treble.


Aside from the bluetooth controls, playback can be commanded through the speaker’s gestural interface. Some of the gestures include placing and holding the hand over one side of the sensor to increase or decrease volume. Another gesture involves placing the whole hand over the sensor to play or stop the music.

P.A.C.O. has a 3.5″ speaker with a 2″ surface transducer and has a 2 X 6 watt power amplifier. The products from Digital Habit(s) are open to changes and developments that any user or designer wishes to make. However, since the designs are covered by a noncommercial Creative Commons license, it allows others to modify, redistribute, optimize, and use the works as a base, but never for commercial purposes.





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