Patcraft Releases Four New Dynamic Flooring Styles at NeoCon 2019

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Patcraft Releases Four New Dynamic Flooring Styles at NeoCon 2019
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At this year’s NeoCon, Patcraft previewed four new styles with their Deconstructed Felt, Handloom, Metal Collective, and Subtle Impressions collections. The high-performance flooring brand is driven by imagination, intention, and purpose when it comes to creating their wide range of flooring solutions that have been specifically designed to perform in high demand environments. Whether it’s Patcraft’s carpet tile, broadloom, or a resilient option, they hold themselves to the highest standards by striving to deliver the best quality products in high-performance flooring. Their releases at NeoCon 2018 were phenomenal, and at Neocon 2019, Patcraft’s Handloom and Deconstructed Felt collections both won Best of Neocon Gold – so we’re really excited to share more about these beautiful products!

Deconstructed Felt is the third carpet tile collection within Patcraft’s Deconstructed family, measuring in at 12×48 inches. Inspired by transparency, Deconstructed Felt exposes the raw elements of what goes into the construction of carpeting. In the process, traditional fabrication is transformed and a new dimension of design is uncovered. The collection puts texture and tactility on full display, pushing the definition of traditional flooring to its limits. Choose from a range of bold colors that have a feeling of couture style about them that’s bold, daring, and tactile.

“Purposeful creation of texture is central to the design of Deconstructed Felt where patterns and colors emerge from the product’s construction to create a unique flooring collection that feels like a textile,” said Shannon Cochran, Vice President of Creative and Design for Patcraft. “To portray softness and dimension on the floor, yarn is layered on top of a felted backing to create a slub-like texture and a beautiful range of colors.”

New to Patcraft’s resilient tile collection is Handloom, featuring two coordinating styles with Painted Weft and Wooden Warp and measuring 9×36-inches. Handloom puts colorful accents, as well as neutrals inspired by textile art and other natural materials, at the forefront in order to create organic and balanced spaces.

“Our Handloom styles are designed to optimize large and small-scale spaces where a resilient tile with vibrant color accents can provide sophisticated character,” said Cochran. “The texture within this collection is rich, with eye-catching color and natural details that complete a compelling design.”

The nature-inspired woven tile feels sophisticated yet modern, with its weft and warp mimicking those on a loom and a similarity to grasscloth in look. Painted Weft features striking colors and an artistic style, while Wooden Warp uses muted jewel tones and wood graphics to add dimension, allowing both designs to easily coordinate with one another.

Adding to Patcraft’s resilient tile collection is Metal Collective, inspired by the Kintsugi practice of repairing broken pottery lacquered with gold, silver, or platinum dust, it features metallic accents. The textiles reflect the patina of natural surfaces for a realistic end result resembling industrial concrete.

“Metal Collective was inspired by the idea that there is beauty in imperfection, which inspires a rich, natural aesthetic,” said Amanda Hopkins, designer for Patcraft. “The metallic accents are delicate but striking, creating a dynamic resilient tile that serves as compelling inspiration within the built environment.”

There are two styles within the Metal Collective collection – Oxidized and Molten – both exhibiting soft metallic accents. Oxidized features sweeping warm metallic details meant to create subtle light reflections, while Molten has a more natural appearance with metallics highlighting the crevices of the pattern.

The Subtle Impressions collection is inspired by the vibrant colors and textures found in natural flower pressings that Patcraft’s award-winning design team created. Hundreds of flowers lent their hand with their various petal shapes, stems, leaves, and color saturations. The design of their subtle markings was turned into outlines and shadows that were then translated through a yarn technique and production process that’s unique to the Subtle Impressions collection.

“The natural dyes from the petals produced diffused watercolor designs that influenced the final patterns for Subtle Impressions, not only through color but also through texture,” said Cochran. “The way the color shifted within the flower pressings led us to explore tonal hues that worked in harmony to create a gradient scale. Referring back to the pressings, we combined negative space with fallen petals and experimented with larger scale for statement pieces. The color gradation affects scale, allowing designers to choose the color and saturation they need to create transition throughout a space.”

The natural, organic patterns created by Subtle Impressions’ 12×48-inch carpet tiles leave one with a sense of calm, made possible by merging together a well thought-out creative process and product development.

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