The Playfully Pastel Permafrost x MINISO Collection

04.26.18 | By
The Playfully Pastel Permafrost x MINISO Collection

Norwegian design studio Permafrost lends their lively talents for youthful forms and soothing colors to imbue the Japanese retail brand MINISO’s collection of audio, lighting, and home comfort devices with the inviting playfulness often absent in the electronics category.

Between the pacific palette of pastels and soft matte surfaces adorning the Permafrost X MINISO collection, each piece invites a curious need to touch, investigate, and use each of the designs, evoking our dormant childhood memories of our favorite playthings.

The entirety of the collection – a portable Bluetooth speaker, mushroom-shaped USB memory sticks, wired earphones and headphones, a small desk fan, and perhaps the cutest USB-powered LED desk lamp on two feet – are simple and singular in their function, wonderfully obvious in purpose. Considering the overcomplexity of many devices available today, it’s a welcoming distillation of form in service of enjoyment.

There are recognizable elements of Permafrost’s past work designing children’s toys evident in designer Andreas Murray’s interpretation of common electronic objects. Small alterations of form add a great deal of personality to the entire collection.

If you like what you see above, you’ll have to make your way to Asia for now. Currently the Permafrost x MINISO collection is exclusively sold through MINISO’s stores in their Asian market locations.

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