Pets and Pods Makes Modern Pet Furniture Cozy + Functional

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Pets and Pods Makes Modern Pet Furniture Cozy + Functional

Pet and Pods Studio is out there designing some of our favorite modern pet furniture. The founders brought together their experience in architecture, design and carpentry to make a comfortable home for their cat. They wanted to build something that looked different from what you find mass-produced at a pet store. The Kent, UK, studio makes a variety of cat and dog beds that you want people to notice in your home.

Biscuit Pet Bed

The main material Pets and Pods uses for their modern pet furniture is PET felt. It’s soft and durable, making it great for your cats and dogs. It’s also eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles with no chemical binders. This hypoallergenic material is also easy to clean and repair.

Whichever option your pet might prefer, all the Pets and Pods designs are functional, crafted from innovative materials, and created using modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship. These beds are made to provide the highest level of comfort to your pet and make a beautiful, bold statement while doing so!

Biscuit Pet Bed (long legs)

These modern pet beds are made with your pet’s comfort in mind. The Muffin beds are great for cats and dogs who might want a moment of quiet, and the Biscuit beds offer a bit more room for the pet that really likes to stretch its legs.

Muffin Pet Bed

Muffin Pet Bed (long legs)

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