Philippe Malouin Creates a Geometric, Fully-Upholstered Chair for Resident

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Philippe Malouin Creates a Geometric, Fully-Upholstered Chair for Resident

The Sacha Chair is a minimalist chair created by London-based designer Philippe Malouin for New Zealand design house Resident. This fully upholstered piece marks a significant addition to Resident’s portfolio, stemming from extensive discussions between the design house and Malouin about creating an upholstered collection.

Sacha Chair in Blue

Philippe Malouin shared insights into his design philosophy for the Sacha Chair, revealing an approach that might have diverged from Resident’s initial expectations for a fully upholstered chair. Malouin’s preference for monochrome and using a single material consistently from top to bottom reflects his unique interpretation. The Sacha Chair maintains the simple geometric design characteristic of Malouin’s previous work for Resident, with a distinctive twist aimed at enhancing comfort and functionality.

Known for his appreciation of lengthy dinner parties, Malouin designed the Sacha Chair with prolonged sitting and dining in mind. Despite his affinity for wooden chairs, he acknowledges their limitations in comfort over extended periods. This consideration influenced his design approach for the Sacha Chair, aiming to create a piece that transcends immediate trends and fits seamlessly into various settings, from personal residences to commercial spaces.

Sacha Chairs together with different colors

Sacha comes in five colors, including Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Red, and Yellow, in Hallingdal 65 fabric by Kvadrat.

Sacha Chair in Black

Sacha Chair in Yellow

Sacha Chair in Grey

Sacha Chair in Red

Sacha Chair in Blue

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