Planturns: Modern, Minimalist Cremation Vessels by Boyce Studio

04.03.19 | By
Planturns: Modern, Minimalist Cremation Vessels by Boyce Studio

When a friend’s father passed away, C.C. Boyce was asked to create a cremation vessel when they couldn’t locate one they liked. She posted the custom piece on Instagram resulting in tons of inquiries to see if they were for sale. After doing some research and discovering there was a real lack of options on the market, C.C. set out to change that. The 2nd generation woodworker, who’s the owner of Los Angeles-based Boyce Studio, designed a collection of modern, minimalist cremation vessels that hold a loved one’s cremains. Traditional urns can easily become reminders of a painful time while the handmade Planturns are beautiful design objects.

Planturns offer a safe place for the ashes as they’re outfitted with powerful rare earth magnets that keep the two elements securely together. To round out the sculptural forms, C.C. added a living aspect to the design with the planter on top. Each one comes with a glass or ceramic holder for the plant and a muslin bag to hold the cremains.

Currently, Planturns are available in three sizes with two finish options – Walnut and Sycamore or Speckled Maple – via Kickstarter. Check out the campaign here to learn more and get in on the early bird pricing.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.