Post-it Brand Digitizes Collaboration With Innovative New Post-it® Plus App

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Post-it Brand Digitizes Collaboration With Innovative New Post-it® Plus App

I’m a chronic list-maker and a Post-it® Note junky. Just ask my monitor, who wears a necklace of colorful Post-it Notes with reminders, to-do items, phone numbers and encouraging notes that my husband occasionally leaves me. Despite being surrounded by screens, many of us still love the analog feeling of writing something down on a piece of paper, and Post-it Notes are a key player in lots of individual and collaborative design-focused work sessions. In fact, last year, we asked you what your top 10 design tools were for staying organized and you ranked Post-it Notes among your favorites.


Now, the Post-it Brand from 3M is taking the analog collaboration experience and digitizing it with the new Post-it Plus App, a first-of-its-kind collaboration solution that launched today. The app captures physical brainstorm sessions, storyboards, project plans, and other projects and makes them digital, so you and your team can easily work faster and smarter. With the ability to capture up to 50 Post-it Notes at once, the Post-it Plus App can keep your brains working from anywhere to keep the momentum going, even outside of the office.

Each note is stored separately in the app, making it easy to move them around and rearrange as necessary, giving you the same control you’d have if you were standing in front of the wall of Post-it Notes. Plus, you can share your board with your entire team with a simple tap and they can collaborate from anywhere. The Post-it Plus App creates a shareable record that can be exported to common software programs including PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, PDF and more.


As someone who used to be a project manager, and is now the manager of a small team with an editorial calendar and lots of projects going at once, I think this could be extremely useful in my everyday. I can also see how designers and design professionals could definitely benefit from this app.


The app recognizes all square Post-it Notes, from 3” x 3” Post-it Super Sticky Notes to Post-it Big Pads, with additional sizes coming soon. You can download the Post-it Plus App for free from the Apple App store by visiting and learn more by visiting

Also, stay tuned to hear more about my experience using the app!

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