Samsung Eco-Friendly TV Packaging Turns Into Your Pet’s New Playground

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Samsung Eco-Friendly TV Packaging Turns Into Your Pet’s New Playground

It was back in early January at the Consumer Electronic Show when we got a first glimpse of Samsung’s plans to package their line of The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero televisions in specially designed eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, each intended to be reassembled into a range of furnishings for the home instead of being discarded into the recycling bin.

Photos: Gregory Han

For this creative effort, Samsung was awarded a CES 2020 Innovation Awards for the eco-packaging concept. On the show floor the Korean tech giant displayed a preview of small end tables, magazine racks, and even an elongated house intended to give pets a new place to play and hide within alongside their new line of 2020 televisions.

Once the television set is removed, owners are offered the opportunity to follow an included manual illustrating how to convert their large cardboard box into a household item following dot matrix design printed onto each side of the corrugated cardboard boxes.

It seems doubtful the average The Serif, The Frame, or The Sero customer would furnish their living room with cardboard furniture considering the premium category of this design-forward sets, but it is completely reasonable to believe such creations would be a welcome addition for the owner’s cats and kids to use and amuse themselves with – two segments already renown for their fascination with cardboard boxes.

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