Samsung Frames Wireless Surround Sound as Home Decor

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Samsung Frames Wireless Surround Sound as Home Decor

As usual, Samsung’s footprint across this year’s CES show left a wide and deep impression. In addition to announcing partnerships with residential power provider Tesla ahead of the show, unveiling a new ecosystem of AI-powered kitchen appliances, and rolling out a newly updated smart home companion robot, the consumer electronics giant launched the industry’s first ‘OLED Glare Free’ technology along with a transparent Micro LED television that attracted CES crowds to ooh and ahh. But hidden in plain sight at Samsung’s booth was a new audio solution aimed at the decor-minded seeking an aesthetic solution for home theater surround sound.

Simulated turntable on display across the Samsung Music Frame at CES 2024

Some may want to disguise the fact Samsung Music Frame is an audio device, others will want to bring attention to its aural capabilities.

The customizable Music Frame is an extension of Samsung’s long lasting and popular, The Frame, televisions built around a form factor emulating framed art rather than a wall hung display. Taking a similar approach (and one comparable to the Sonos + Ikea SYMFONISK), the Music Frame introduces a surround sound speaker disguised as a modern picture frame that can display art or photography.

Swirling marbled pattern on display across the Samsung Music Frame at CES 2024

The Music Frame is not a digital screen, but requires an actual sized physical photo, piece of artwork, or a diasec matte acrylic plate ‘Art Print’ to complete its presentation.

Connected via Samsung’s Q-Symphony, a feature that allows sound to emanate from your soundbar and your TV’s speakers at the same time, the Music Frame can add another source of surround sound when synced, filling in bass with dual built-in woofers in lieu of a traditional floor standing subwoofer. There’s also a pair of tweeters and two midrange drivers operating in conjunction with waveguides to direct a wider soundstage and also offer Dolby Atmos sound, whether connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Samsung Music Frame shown from front, angled side, and rear view angles.

You might notice the Music Frame is often shown standing upon its own small integrated stand rather than displayed mounted on the wall. A speaker with dual rear mounted woofers operates optimally with a bit of space to prevent vibrations against the wall, so while wall mounting is an option, it’s probably best to keep these speakers on its stand. Even so, the 13″ x 13″ form factor is small enough to easily reside on a shelf, console, or side table without bringing too much attention to itself (unless desired).

Samsung Music Frame on salmon hued display stand at CES 2024 framing turntable art

Like much of the most intriguing technology on display at CES 2024, Samsung has yet to share pricing, specs, or a release date associated with the Samsung Music Frame, but we hope to test the speaker as it becomes available to see how it performs against similar consumer solutions such as a Sonos.

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