Savona 18 Suites: A 20th Century Milanese Building Turned Modern Hotel Designed by Aldo Cibic

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Savona 18 Suites: A 20th Century Milanese Building Turned Modern Hotel Designed by Aldo Cibic

Italian architect and designer Aldo Cibic has turned an abandoned 20th century building in the heart of Milan into a design hotel called the Savona 18 Suites for Blu Hotels. The new building now feels like an art gallery with its contemporary furnishings and accessories, while the main courtyard retains the authentic Milanese feel of a casa di ringhiera (a traditional tenement with a communal balcony).

The interior design of the hotel takes on a funky, graphic approach which you’ll notice at the start in the lobby where you’ll be greeted with a large Tibetan-style cabinet, a yellow mosaic bench, and bold wall art. Throughout the living room and cafe, sofas, carpets, chandeliers, mirrors, and accessories signed Aldo Cibic and Paolo C. by Aldo Cibic outfit the spaces.

The open-air courtyard acts as hub for travelers to mingle in the spirit of a Milanese casa di ringhiera. Guests can enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of espresso in various sofas and armchairs. On the opposite side, a mural signed by Cibic himself adds a graphic element to the natural outdoor setting.

The eclectic style of the hotel continues into the 43 guest rooms which are adorned with both vintage and contemporary art, furnishings, and accessories. For those who take a great liking to their interiors, they can actually purchase the pieces to take home, a practice that fosters the relationship between interior designers and hotel guests.

What: The Savona 18 Suites
Where: Via Savona, 18, 20144 Milan
How much? Rooms start at approximately $133 per night.
Highlights: Located in the heart of Milan, this design hotel feels like you’re staying in an art gallery.
Design draw: Because of the neutral tones of the rooms, the eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings and decor all visually stand out.
Book it: Visit Savona 18 Suites

Photos by Matteo Piazza and Adelaide Saviano.

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