Sebastian Foster x Design Milk Print Collection: Britt Bass Turner

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What’s your preferred medium?

I prefer any aqueous media including acrylic, acryla-gouache, gouache, water color, and pastels.

How do you approach/start a painting?

I approach my paintings the same way every time. I must have a clean work space and “clean” mind, free from distraction and full of inspiration from filling up elsewhere. I like to lay out all of my materials and then choose one color or medium to start with- once the first stroke is made my intuition kicks in and the painting completely takes on its own form until its completion. I love the mystery of the end result despite very calculated steps along the way.

What inspired this particular painting?

This particular painting was inspired by frosty November mornings and the excitement of the oncoming holidays. I remember opening my fresh tube of GOLDEN teal when I began this piece!

Do you listen to music while painting? If so, what’s on your playlist?

Yes! I listen to all sorts of music, podcasts, audiobooks, you name it! I currently have been listening to the Wes Anderson Soundtracks playlist on Spotify and it’s pretty great.

Who is your favorite living contemporary artist?

This probably changes every day but Jessica Stockholder has always been a favorite!

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