Segment Table by Box Clever

Segment Table is a minimalist design created by San Francisco-based design firm Box Clever. The conception of their name came from the term “boxing clever,” a reference to how the best boxers win not only with their brawn, but with their wits as well. As designers they take a similar approach: to identify opportunities, learn from and respond to any challenges that arise, and execute flawlessly.


Segment Table comes pre-designed with channels built into the surface in order to accommodate wiring and functional accessories. The table’s surface, which is constructed of multiple parts, was inspired by the ever-shifting tectonic plates sitting underneath San Francisco. These four separate slabs come together to form the basic structure of the table.

Narrow openings are left between these slabs in order to create a unique system for a set of three accessories designed alongside the table. The accessories include a copper dish, a brass bowl, and an aluminium tray. Each of these objects can transform from lifestyle sculptures to utilitarian accessories. For example, the copper plate can be used as a pivoting platform for a computer monitor, while the aluminum tray can serve as a dock for the phone or tablet.








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