Apartment Weteringschans by I Love Architecture

The versatile Netherlands-based architecture firm (with the best name ever), I Love Architecture, has designed an amazing interior by the name of Apartment Weteringschans. The layout of the space is split into a clean, grid-like structure. The kitchen island, which is a monolithic blog of marble and wood, serves as both the cooking and serving area.

The colors and materials of this interior space are kept to a minimum. Other than the white walls, ceilings and floors, there are splashes of primary colors seen in the lighting, pillows and accessories. The apartment is capacious; everything from the dining table, kitchen and living room is laid out in the open.

I actually love the fact that the space is opened up into one continuous room. This is a subtle detail, but I also love the industrial look of the ceiling; especially when the ceiling columns are split into rows with lighting hidden behind them. This is definitely the size and style I would go for.

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