Bondi Penthouse by Brian Meyerson Architects

Situated on Sydney, Australia’s famous beach for surfing, the Bondi Penthouse – designed by Brian Meyerson Architects – is a haven for luxury and minimalism. The penthouse was constructed on top of an existing structure with a rich history. The contrast of old and new was neither a compromise nor a hindrance; the materials and forms used by the architects were meant to amalgamate the two structures.

The new structure has white metallic cladding with interesting geometries that make up each panel. However, this light colored material does not dominate the original structure, but instead, complements the lightness of its solid masonry construction. The interior beautifully mimics its ultra-modern exterior.

I am obsessed with the use of steel cladding on exteriors, and the white metal exemplifies the structure’s clean lines and precise edges. Stepping inside the interior, no one would have any idea that they were sitting on top of a historical building. I love how the white steel wraps around from the outside into the home’s ceilings and walls.

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