Cheese Knives by Jacques-Elie Ribeyron

Cheese Knives is a minimalist utensil set designed by France-based designer Jacques-Elie Ribeyron for Hublot Genève. He has won numerous awards, and even has commissioned work with Wallpaper* magazine. There is no doubt that cheese has its foothold in French culture and cuisine. Ribeyron wanted to design a knife that could easily cut through the massive cheese rounds.

As a result, Cheese Knives – which is comprised of a large, circular cutter and a two-pronged fork – was conceived. The fork is mainly an addition to hold the cheese steady as well as remove the piece from a cheese round and onto a plate. The whole set is nicely packaged within a cow skin sleeve that has nothing more but a single pocket. Ribeyron wanted to respect Hublot’s strict design ethics, an closely adhered to the watchmaker’s aesthetic and quality.

The blade is constructed of black PVD stainless steel, and the handles are anodized aluminum. I love the care and detail that goes into something as simple as cutting cheese (*snickers*). For a design like this, I would definitely go out of my way to get this specific knife and fork to cut a piece of cheese round. Judging from the materials and aesthetics alone, I can assume that the quality on this set is top-notch.

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