Cube Court House by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates

02.09.12 | By
Cube Court House by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates

Cube Court House is a recent creation by Japan-based architecture firm Shinichi Ogawa and Associates. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the residence is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel. There are two contrasting sides to this home; one face of the home is quietly contained and tucked away, while the other face opens into a glasshouse above.

There is a courtyard that surreptitiously separates the master bedroom, children’s rooms, and bathroom. On a macro scale, the ostensible separation actually bonds the rooms together to form an expansive living area filled with sunlight and comfort.

I love the incomparable geometry of Cube Court’s architecture. I’m also a fan of frosted glass due to its ability to absorb light, yet create privacy. The huge windows beautifully display the courtyard’s serene landscape. I also love the fact that there is a rooftop terrace in which the residents can visit to view the city skyline.

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