CZ-House by Tamizo Architects
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CZ-House, located near Pabianice, Poland, is a single family homed designed by Tamizo Architects. Partially hidden behind a concrete barrier, the residence is a one-story structure replete with large glass windows that overlook a beautifully serene and tranquil landscape.

Simply put, the home is a composition of clean lines and simplistic forms. The expansive windows allow ample natural light to permeate into the interior space. The structure of the house, from the open garage to the terrace, flows smoothly; all of which sits atop minimal foundation that extends out into the entrance.

As strange as this may sound, I love the subtle mix of white and grey on minimalist objects and buildings. It was a style Dieter Rams used extensively, and I’ve loved its aesthetic ever since. The building almost looks like a sculptural piece, especially when placed in such a naturally peaceful environment.

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