Divide by Nolen Niu

After visiting ICFF 2011, and meeting the amazing Jaime Derringer of Design Milk for the first time (Editor’s note: that is ridiculous, but I will take the compliment!), I thought I would do a special post on who I thought was my favorite designer from this convention: Nolen Niu. I actually had the chance to speak with him directly, and he was not only passionate about his designs and future plans, but he was also down-to-earth and an overall great conversationalist.

Nolen Niu is a graduate from ACCD, and opened up his company in 2005. Ever since, he has been producing cutting-edge works ranging from casegoods, sofas, beds, and chairs. His newest line, without giving any spoilers, is some of the best designs I have seen by him or any designer. While I was speaking with him, there was one word I kept hearing him repeat: quality. His focus on quality has him constantly going to the factory to make sure production is up to his standards, which is a main reason he keeps his manufacturing within the United States.

I first found out about Nolen Niu from the Divide collection a few years back. I decided to talk about these pieces because, although it has been half a decade, the sofa and armchair are just as relevant as the day they were conceived. I believe his furniture will be iconic, and his newer pieces will follow suit. The angles, contrasts between light and shadow, and simplified form amalgamate perfectly into works of art.

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