Edge by Apollo Architects and Associates

This strikingly modern home is located in the suburbs of Sendai, and is designed by the amazing talent at Apollo Architects and Associates. Before I get into this, I would first like to give my deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the recent tragedy over at Japan. Anyone reading this, please do what you can to help out and give support to those who are in need from the tsunami.

Japanese architecture is all about coalescing the design with its surrounding environment. Edge is no different in blending the reinforced concrete with floor to ceiling windows. As the name implies, the home has distinctively sharp delineations that form outlines around the recessed and private areas around the home.

The most interesting aspect of this house is the stark contrast between its exterior and interior. The outside of the home comprises of a clean, white facade, while the inside relishes in a darker setting. The building also provides openings for gardening on the rooftop, which overlooks a calming view of the neighborhood.

Photos by Masao Nishikawa.

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