Hex Chair by Incorporated
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Hex Chair is a minimal design created by New York City-based designers Incorporated for Lerival. The furniture system embodies flexibility and modularity as its core concepts. Consisting of either an ottoman, stool, or chair, the Hex family can amalgamate itself into any number of positions with an infinite landscape of possibilities.

Mixing classic tones with timeless geometries, Hex allows itself to be versatile in any number of interior styles. The upholstery is finished by Kvadrat with a multitude of finishes and fabrics to choose from. If none of the existing materials are to suitable, the company also allows COM, which gives the buyer the ability to pick nearly any material of his/her choosing to outfit the pieces.

“On one hand, the form of the Hex Ottoman is indebted to the timeless geometry of nature, a foundation for architectural principles. On the other hand, it enters the historic discourse of American minimalism, in which the relationships between parts and the phenomenology of form was paramount.”

The geometry of the six-sided shape is so naturally modular, that even nature itself has utilized its pattern-making properties such as the the beehive honeycomb, or a turtle’s carapace. Aesthetically, the hexagon is visually appealing in the sense that any number of pieces can fit snug against each other. Given its flexibility of modularity and color, the Hex family is a beautiful solution for any space.

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