Iconico Speaker by Héctor Serrano
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Iconico is a minimal speaker design created by London-based designer Héctor Serrano for Lexon. The design studio’s main divisions are the product lab and experimental work lab. They choose to work with projects that dissent the status quo in terms of function and design. Serrano studied Industrial Design in Valencia before moving to London to pursue his masters at the Royal College of Art.

The basis for the Iconico speaker’s design spawned from the quotidian speaker icon seen in most computers. Iconico is made of ABS plastic and comes either in dark grey or white. The speaker plugs into any standard 3.5mm stereo audio cable jack, and turns off when it is physically flipped. It is both a playful and intuitive solution for listening to music in high-quality sound.

I was first drawn to the object by its simplistic design, but I am definitely now more intrigued by its unique functionality. In a world where everything is controlled remotely, it is refreshing to have a design provide a function that is performed through intuitive action.

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