Ina No Ie by Horibe Naoko

Ina No Ie is a three-story steel structure designed by Japanese-based architect Horibe Naoko. The first floor is composed of the work space area, and the second and third floors make up the residential spaces. The horizontally joined steel facade closely resembles the nearby buildings, and seamlessly amalgamates the three-volume residence.

Located in Osaka, Japan, Ina No Ie is residence with a writer’s studio built in specifically for the clients. The windows are placed on various heights throughout the building to obfuscate the actual volume of the home. Halfway up the third floor is a balcony that overlooks the scenery and neighborhood.

The asymmetry of the windows is an interesting look, and gives the building a bit of an abstract appearance. The facade has nothing but rectilinear geometry, which makes the home seemingly unassuming on the outside, and surprisingly spacious on the inside.

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