KDR House by International Royal Architecture (I.R.A.)

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KDR House by International Royal Architecture (I.R.A.)

KDR House is a minimalist home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by International Royal Architecture. The kitchen, bathroom, and stairs are congregated within the center of the home with a completely open floor plan surrounding this space. The architects kept a simple palette of materials used throughout both the exterior and interior.

The floors are made with smoothed concrete while the center volume consists of plywood. The staircase, which is situated in the center of the home, has a contrasting wood color that matches with the floors on the upper level. A number of skylights are positioned through the space that penetrate through the upper level into the ground floor.

What I’ve noticed recently is that, if I see a simple cubed volume located in the United States, I assume the project was on a shoestring budget designed by an antiquated architect. However, when I see a similar cubed volume located in Japan, I immediately appreciate the architect’s efforts to preserve its minimalist aesthetic, and associate the design with modernism.

Photography by Nobuaki Nakagawa.

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