KGA by Dash Marshall

I want to thank Dash for submitting this stunning apartment renovation for Skim Milk. Located in Manhattan, New York, KGA is the result of Dash Marshall‘s amazing talent — a 715 square-foot full gut renovation. His focus was set on providing a minimalist, futuristic design for his clients, two lovers of space-age design.

Minimalism usually favors aesthetics over function or comfort — a necessary sacrifice inherent to exposing the essence of a design. However, simplification can be a very functional solution to expand a small space. KGA, for example, utilizes the space by removing hallways and transferring square footage to the rooms themselves. Specifically, sliding partitions were used to allow for flexible room combinations throughout the apartment.

The designer’s intent on producing these “zones” resulted in what he called the Black Hole. This Black Hole area could be annexed to either the living room or bedroom, or kept closed for additional closet space. In addition, the apartment is wrapped with a layer of built-in storage to conceal any unsightly possessions.

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