Khan Project Office

Khan Project has designed a new office in their Seoul location. The stark interiors are coupled with staff who walk around barefoot wearing doctor gowns. Aside from the wooden tabletops, every surface within the space is completely white – from the ceilings and floors to the walls and furniture.

The space is separated into working areas ranging from meeting rooms to private spaces. Fluorescent bulbs are scattered across the ceiling like fields of grain, and objects on the bookshelves are contained within white boxes so as to produce as little distraction to the workers as possible.

When I was in college, the library was my haven. If my school’s library was like this, I would have slept there. I would love to work in a clean space – people don’t understand how physical clutter affects mental clutter. I think the doctor gowns are a bit much, but this is definitely one of the most unique work spaces I have ever seen.

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