La Redoute Collection by A+A Cooren

La Redoute Collection is a minimal series designed by France-based designers A+A Cooren. The studio consists of French-Japanese design duo Aki and Arnaud Cooren. They work in the specialty field of lighting, as well as furniture, product, and interior design. Having a Japanese-focused design aesthetic allows the team to integrate minimalist and natural influences into their everyday projects.

La Redoute Collection consists of a modular storage system, a console table, and a dining table. The collection is manufactured by one of France’s largest mail-order selling companies. The console and dining table are expressed with light lines coupled with a smooth, thin edge on the table top. It has been produced with Y-formed metal legs and visibly thick birch plywood for the top.

The modular storage unit comprises three elements: a metal leg, the wooden box, and a wooden top. The system is very easy to set up in that the user stacks one above the other or side-by-side to expand the storage. The system can be set up as a bookshelf, TV console, or even coffee table. I love the use of natural materials in their collection, and the legs on the console and dining table are beautifully elegant.

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