Skim Milk: Les Heures Claires in Belgium by AABE

12.23.10 | By
Skim Milk: Les Heures Claires in Belgium by AABE

Located in Belgium, Les Heures Claires is a minimalist lover’s dream home. Designed by AABE Erpicum and Partners, the interior contains a mixture of fresh contemporary elements, as well as variable sources of natural materials such as marble and wood.

Generally speaking, the house looks like a magnificent sculpture, and the architect, a masterful sculptor. The exterior facade is as beautifully minimal as the inside, and comprises only of white walls, black window frames, and a glass corner. On top of that, the building seems to be sitting on a moat of sorts — almost like a castle tucked away inside its kingdom.

I have to hand it to the photographer, Jean-Luc Laloux, for capturing some of the best features of Les Heures Claires. The clean lines of the kitchen, simplistic layout of the living room, and zen-like atmosphere of the bathroom all seem to pop more than usual. The space seems like just the place I would love going home to after a long days work.

Photos by Jean-Luc Laloux.

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