Moda Bagno & Interni Store by k-studio

Located in Athens, Greece, Moda Bagno & Interni Store – designed by k-studio – is a 1000sqm space that houses the store’s entire range of designer products. The building is essentially a large box that is outfitted with expandable metal clad openings and a dimensional cedar framework.

The angles on the cedar frames attract pedestrians and commuters with a wider perspective of the interior. The inside accommodates a wide selection of modern furniture, bathrooms, and kitchens; the large windows surrounded by the angular cedar produce an enticing showroom.

My favorite aspect of this building is how well the metal cladding complements the cedar wood. The inset windows, and glances of glowing light from the openings, create a sense of mystery to the space. The interior is nicely set for the showroom in the sense that it looks like someone’s actual home.

Leo Lei translates his passion for minimalism into his daily-updated blog Leibal. In addition, you can find uniquely designed minimalist objects and furniture at the Leibal Store.