Mrs Bill by Mick Born

Looking around for well-designed furniture can be a tedious process; but then, something like Mrs Bill comes along and sweeps you off the floor. No, I’m not referring to your attractive next-door neighbor. This Mrs Bill, designed by Mick Born for Karl Andersson & Söner, is something excitingly different.

The first thing that should be noticed is the unique design of the upturned corners on the doors. Aesthetically, minimalist design is at the top of the hierarchy (I’m biased of course). But even a beautifully simple design can lack any real design sensibility if its functionality is ignored for a better look.

Don Norman goes into some serious detail about the whole debate between form versus function, and I’d have to agree with him when he states that products which don’t function properly start to lose their visual luster. However, pieces that take into account the importance of both form and function — such as Mrs Bill, or anything designed by Dieter Rams — seem…. easy. Easy to look at, easy to use, easy to explain — it’s just easy.

I guess explaining more about this piece would contradict what I just stated, but Mrs Bill is truly a versatile design. The unique turned-up curve, which acts as a handle, can now replace anything that requires a handle. The entire collection includes dressers, bookshelves, cabinets, sideboards, even TV units. Cabinets are available 350mm, 450mm, or 900mm deep, with height variations of 621, 835, 1197, 1620 and 1967 mm. Surfaces vary from lacquered finishes to wood veneers, as well as include different colored shelves.

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